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Success with dyslexia starts here

Swift Institute for Learning

The mission of the Swift Institute for Learning is to advance the understanding of dyslexia, language-based learning differences, and related learning difficulties.

The Institute is where parents and education professionals come to learn to better understand and support children who are experiencing difficulties in acquiring language literacy skills. Swift School faculty and visiting experts conduct free workshops throughout the school year on subjects ranging from social emotional learning (SEL) and understanding language-based learning differences to dyslexia simulations and instructional technology. Information presented in Swift Institute workshops is based on research and evidence-based practices.

Swift Institute for Learning workshops are open to the Swift community and the general public. Participation is free but reservations are required

The Institute also offers Orton-Gillingham training courses for a fee.


Upcoming Events

Past Events 

Experience Dyslexia® - September & October 2023
Experience Dyslexia® is a simulation that is designed to increase awareness of the difficulties and frustrations that people with dyslexia (a specific language learning disability) experience daily. Participants left the exercises with insight into working effectively with students with dyslexia and with greater empathy and understanding for the challenges people with this learning difference face. Experience Dyslexia® is engaging, enlightening, quite possibly an emotional experience.

Interactive Technology Tools - October 2023
Green screen, stop motion, digital drawing are just a few ways to turn on creative juices and see your children shine! Parents of first through fourth grade students participated in activities that can lead to further exploration at home.

Supporting Broad Math Concepts at Home - October 2023
Participants discovered the incredible benefits of the Marilyn Zecher Multisensory Approach and gained invaluable insights and practical tools to empower learners of all ages in grasping essential math concepts. Our presentation equipped attendees with the knowledge and resources to create a dynamic at-home math environment that fosters a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Understanding Psychological Reports - November 2023
Participants enjoyed a presentation by Ms. Diana Leung, one of Swift School's counselors,  regarding psychological reports and a dyslexia evaluations. Attendees worked in small groups to review a fictitious student profile and psychological report, and also learned to plot standardized scores on a bell curve.

Writing Strategies to Support Student Success - February 2024
Written expression is the most complex form of communication. Swift School's Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator Megan Rodriguez and Orton-Gillingham Fellow Jocelyn Gasaway discussed writing strategies and student success. Participants learned different multisensory instructional techniques for building writing skills at the sentence and paragraph level. Explicit, step-by-step instructional  strategies  for developing skills in grammar, syntax, vocabulary,  planning, organization, and editing were also discussed, and the presenters included hands-on activities to allow participants to practice application.