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STOP! This service is not for you but rather for individuals who have not been formally assessed by a psychologist. To inquire about Swift School and how we can help your child, please click here

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As part of its mission to educate families and professionals, Swift School requests consent to include screening date in a private database for research and analysis purposes with the appropriate ethics board approval. Any study results will be presented in a way that preserves anonymity. Participation may be declined without penalty or loss of services. PERMISSION TO USE DE-IDENTIFIED DATA IN RESEARCHrequired
Swift School requests your permission to follow up after this screening. Information on available programming and services that may be beneficial to you and your family can also be provided. You may refuse future contact without penalty or loss of services. required

The mission of the Swift Enrichment Continuum (SEC) is to provide literacy and academic resources and opportunities for students in the Greater Atlanta Community.

The SEC is offering free 30-minute reading screenings to rising kindergarten through third grade students who have not been formally assessed by a school or private psychologist. Current screening dates include September 26 and October 11.


Committed to accessibility, the program offers its services entirely free of charge, with a warm welcome to donations from those who can contribute. This financial support plays a pivotal role in sustaining and expanding the program, thus allowing it to reach and benefit families with limited resources in the Greater Atlanta Community. 

Through its dedicated team and generous community members, the Swift Enrichment Continuum strives to foster a strong foundation for primary learners and promote equitable access to quality education.

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