Visual Arts & Drama

The Swift School’s Visual Arts Program develops self-confidence, brings out creativity, and promotes higher-level thinking in all of our students.

Lower Division
In the Lower Division, students are exposed to a wide array of studio arts, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, weaving and printmaking. They learn about various artists and periods of art history, as well as other cultures. Cross-curricular projects are created in each grade to provide a link between the arts and the academic classroom.
Middle School

In Middle Division, students continue to build upon their artistic knowledge.
Two-dimensional and 3-dimensional art are produced. More time is provided for creating, and more elaborate pieces emerge.


You will find students' works of art throughout our campus. An art show in early Spring showcases the students projects throughout the year.

"There are not enough walls in our school to display the amount of amazing artistic creations produced within." - Lynn Kaplin, Art Instructor


The drama program at Swift is an opportunity for students to exhibit creativity, physical expression, and performance. In Lower Division classes, students enjoy acting out stories, singing songs, and experimenting with instruments. Middle Division students learn about theatrical production, character development, script writing, and acting technique through rehearsing plays during class time. Classes are flexible and are structured in a way that allows students to focus on the elements they enjoy and discover new skills in. The hope of drama is to improve students' communication, social skills, and self-confidence as they discover their talents in the arts.