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Success with dyslexia starts here
Understanding Her Intelligence: Caroline's Story
Kraig Doremus

After receiving a dyslexia diagnosis, Caroline enrolled at Swift School as a sixth grade student and spent three years at the school. After her dyslexia diagnosis, she recalled feeling like the world was ending.

“To me, dyslexia was a reason I would never be able to succeed,” she said.

Before Swift, Caroline’s teachers would rave about her intelligence and work ethic, but she lacked confidence. Despite minimal confidence, she possessed an unmatched will to succeed.

Recalled Caroline: “Academically, I knew I could have done better. I did not have confidence in school. My lack of confidence caused problems at home because I would spend hours working on homework but not complete it. I did not have any free time as an elementary school student.”

Things quickly changed when she enrolled at Swift School. Her confidence soared, and she realized how intelligent she was.

“The first time I remember experiencing a change between my previous school and Swift School was when lectures clicked,” Caroline said. “It was not difficult for me to do well in school. I began to understand things quickly, and that was when I understood that I was brilliant; I just hadn’t been taught correctly."

Swift School’s teachers, particularly former teachers Mrs. Nix and Mrs. Lane, helped her succeed and played an important role in helping her have a memorable Swift School experience. Caroline is succeeding in Calculus 3. In high school, she tutored her friends in math thanks to expert instruction from Mrs. Nix during her Middle School days at Swift.

It should not surprise readers that Caroline is a math major at Georgia College and State University. She participates in the Math Club and Thunder Coalition while tutoring students over the summer. During the summer sessions, she uses the techniques she learned at Swift School.

Caroline had a heartfelt message for families considering becoming part of the Swift School community. She said, “If you are considering sending your children to Swift School, please do! My parents made the right choice by sending me to Swift.”

She concluded with a plea to parents to uplift their children. Kind words went a long way for Caroline, and she believes uplifting words will benefit other students. “Remember to tell your children they are brilliant and have earned every good grade. Kind words will go a long way for your child’s confidence,” she stated.

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