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Swift School
Success with dyslexia starts here
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Kraig Doremus

Before Luke’s family enrolled him at Swift School, every day in class felt like a losing battle due to his dyslexia diagnosis. He struggled to keep up, drowning in the sea of words that leapt from the pages of books and worksheets and taunted him. Luke felt incapable. 

“Prior to coming to Swift, I was always lost in class and hated it,” Luke said. “School made me feel dumb. I felt dumb that I never knew what page we were on or how to read the passage. So, I never asked for help. I would sit there and fall behind all my classmates.”

Luke’s burden began to lift once he arrived on Swift’s campus. He was in a classroom of students who had the same language-learning diagnosis with teachers trained to teach him using the Orton-Gillingham Approach, multisensory math, and a knowledge-based approach to language arts. Thanks to the encouragement from fellow students and his teachers, Luke began to gain the confidence to ask questions and advocate for himself.

“When I was at Swift, I was not nervous. I did not feel like those around me passed any judgment on me. And after a while, I asked questions anytime I was confused or lost. I started to understand the content and grow academically. I also began to ask questions outside of the classroom.”

Confidence is a common theme in many Swift School success stories, but it stands out in Luke’s testimonial. As he succeeded in the classroom, he began to explore his passions after Swift School. In the fall, the 6-foot-1, 210-pound defensive end excelled on the gridiron for a local high school. He helped lead the Dunwoody Wildcats football team to an 8-3 record and an appearance in the Georgia High School Association Class 6A state playoffs. The hard work paid off for the athletic defensive end. At the end of his senior season, Luke received all-state honors and was the Class 6A, Region 4 Defensive Player of the Year.

“After leaving Swift, I discovered my true passion was football, and I decided to stick with it, putting my all into practice, just as my Swift School teachers encouraged me to in the classroom,” he said. “Even though it is not an academic honor, it was my Swift teachers and coaches who inspired me to never give up. All of them left a lifelong impression on me.”

Luke plans to continue his football career in college while also pursuing a major in education. His journey serves as a powerful illustration of the heights achievable with confidence and perseverance. Luke attributes much of his recent success to Swift School, acknowledging its pivotal role in his accomplishments. “If it wasn’t for Swift School, I would have never had the confidence to do anything I have accomplished today. I learned how to stick with the goals I set for myself and to have faith in myself," he said. To current students, Luke sends this inspiring message: “Even though it can feel easier to give up, the work is worth it. And you are strong enough to get it done.”

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