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Swift School
Success with dyslexia starts here
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Kraig Doremus

James is a poised and accomplished young man who has blended academic excellence with athletic ability throughout high school.  With a track record of success both in the classroom and on the football field, James credits his three years at Swift School for nurturing his confidence and shaping him into the man he is today.

“Before Swift, I was unable to learn or focus in class. School felt helpless. My teachers even told my mom there was nothing they could do to help me,” James recalled.

James’ family enrolled him at Swift School for fourth grade, and James noticed an immediate transformation in himself. “A change happened during my first year at Swift,” he mentioned. “My brain began to put things together like a puzzle piece. I began to understand the material, and I enjoyed learning because the cogs were finally turning in my head.”

James developed a bond with Mrs. Gonzalez, who became like a mother to him. He noted that she was the first teacher to help him comprehend words and understand how his brain worked. More than anything, Mrs. Gonzalez and the other Orton-Gillingham trained educators at Swift School equipped James with the necessary foundational academic skills and also laid the cornerstone for a successful future.

“Swift School’s teachers taught me how my brain worked, and they set me up for success by giving me the foundation I needed to love learning and understand how much power my brain held,” James noted as he fondly recalled his time at Swift.

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After outplacing from Swift, he completed his final two years of middle school and all four years of high school at Fellowship Christian School, just 10 minutes from Swift. James played four years of varsity football, leading the Paladins to a 43-10 record, including a perfect 18-0 mark in region competition, and four GHSA Class 2A playoff appearances. Twice, James led the Paladins to the final four.

"Academically, James attributes his success to his formative years at Swift School, reflecting on his journey, he remarked, 'Swift is the only reason that I was able to obtain the grades and success that allowed me to go to college.'"

To cap off his high school career, Fellowship presented James with the Servant Leader Award, which is given to the student who puts the interests of others above themselves and possesses a spirit of collaboration and inspiration. James will embark on a new journey in the fall as he heads to Samford University. He plans to major in business.

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