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Swift School
Success with dyslexia starts here
Future EMT Has High Praise for Swift School
Kraig Doremus

Anna could not sit still in her elementary school classes. As a second grader, her schedule was packed full of academic instruction in an attempt to “cure” her dyslexia. The busy school day schedule left no time for recess. In turn, Anna was lonely and frustrated and believed no one understood that she learned differently.

Despite good intentions, the public school system was unable to meet Anna’s needs. She felt defeated, but there was hope. That hope came in the form of Swift School and its caring faculty and staff that help provide students with dyslexia with remediation and equip them with the tools to have success in life. Anna’s family enrolled her at Swift as a fourth grader, and she stepped into Ms. Katz’s classroom.

“I remember meeting her at the meet and greet that summer,” Anna recalled. “I was shy, and she was incredibly kind and open-hearted. I formed a relationship with her and began to trust her. She understood that I learned differently (like the rest of the class), and she met my needs.”

Swift School’s teachers taught Anna using methods tailored to her specific learning styles, and she emerged from her shell.

“I was no longer afraid to ask them to explain something again or go slower,” she mentioned. “I learned to read, and I loved my teachers.”

As a middle division student, Anna met Mr. Lytle and expressed  her love of animals. Today, a bearded dragon sits in a habit in his classroom as it keeps a watchful eye on students. The inspiration behind adding the unique reptile to his classroom came from a conversation with Anna.

“I told him I had a bearded dragon and would help him set up a tank. The rest is history.”

After Swift, Anna achieved high marks as a high school student. Armed with the strength to self-advocate and a toolkit to succeed, she developed an interest in becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. She is working towards obtaining the necessary certifications and hopes to eventually work as an EMT in Texas and enjoy life with family and dogs.

“Swift taught me to break down issues and assignments into small pieces,” Anna concluded. “I gained confidence in my capabilities and realized I am smart; I just need to learn differently.”

If you have a student with dyslexia and want them to experience an education tailored to helping them experience success, call Swift School at (678) 205-4988 or email to learn more.