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Swift School
Success with dyslexia starts here
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Kraig Doremus

After moving back to Atlanta from Belgium, Michael struggled in school due to his language-learning differences. However, his transition to Swift School marked a turning point. Michael spent fourth through eighth grade at Swift and was embraced by a supportive community of peers and faculty members. With their encouragement, he developed the skills to succeed academically and personally.

“When I came to Swift, I genuinely felt like I had friends and teachers who cared about my well-being,” he said. “I was happy to be at Swift. My teachers helped me understand how I think and learn. Even today, as a senior at the University of North Georgia, I still use the majority of the study habits I developed at Swift School. The tools I received as a Swift student have helped me reach heights I did not think were possible.”

One of Michael’s fondest memories came during a difficult time. As an eighth grader, he was devastated by a tragic accident that claimed the life of the family dog. Handling grief is difficult for anyone, but for a middle school student, it can be especially challenging, compounded by the multitude of other issues teenagers face. Michael initially dealt with the grief alone until Mr. Lytle stepped in to support him.

“I remember the first week after it happened; I sat with my head on the desk, holding back tears the entire day,” he recalled. “It wasn’t until Mr. Lytle called me into the hall to express his condolences and tell me how much he hated seeing me in pain that I realized how much Swift’s faculty cares for the students. That was the first moment in my development as a person when I realized that I wasn’t alone and that giving up wasn’t an option.”

Since then, not giving up has become a central theme in Michael’s life. After graduating from North Georgia in December 2024, he plans to work towards his master’s degree in psychology. Michael possesses rare wisdom for a college student. Instead of being defeated by the stress and challenges that come with working on a graduate degree, he is ready to let his work ethic shine, something he learned during his time as a Swift student.

“I am determined to put forth effort and succeed in whatever path life takes me,” he mentioned. “Swift School helped me understand I have support beyond my immediate family, and it taught me resilience. Giving up is not an option.”

While the message of perseverance is a central one in Michael’s life, his message to current Swift School students is to enjoy and be thankful for the journey they are on with so many supportive people in their corner.

“I hope you truly embrace and appreciate your time at Swift School,” he said. “ I am a senior (in college) now, and still remember how much my teachers at Swift School cared for me. As you grow up, things become more complicated, and you face a lot more responsibility. Life throws things at you that you feel you aren’t prepared for, but remember your roots at Swift School and the kindness and values that the staff showed you. You are resilient, strong, and smart enough to tackle any problem life throws at you with a little elbow grease and determination. Be present in the moment and understand that many people have taken the same journey. Things will be okay because you have a family of staff behind you even after you leave the school.”

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