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Success with dyslexia starts here
Bella Prepared for Courtroom Success
Kraig Doremus

When Bella, a future lawyer, takes the trial stand, she will have Swift School to thank for helping ignite her passion for the courtroom.

Bella, who has dyslexia like all of Swift School’s students, attended Swift for seventh and eighth grade and was a member of the Class of 2020. A trio of Swift School educators – Ms. Foreman, Ms. Lane, and Mr. Lytle – left a long-lasting impact on her.

“Ms. Foreman was one of the most memorable, fun, and kind teachers I have ever had,” Bella said. “She not only taught me English, but she helped me gain multiple life skills.”

Teaching students to write was Ms. Lane’s forte. Her compassionate nature and love for composition allowed her to mentor Bella and help her improve her writing.

And finally, there’s Mr. Lytle. Read a Swift School testimonial, and you will often see his name mentioned by former students. Bella enjoyed his science classes, particularly watching the class snake devour a mouse during feeding time. Outside the classroom, Bella played flag football for Coach Lytle, and he taught her the importance of balancing academics and athletics.

Currently a high school junior, Bella has received high praise for her writing skills. “My English teacher always says that I am a great writer and that Swift set me up for success,” she stated.

Bella spread her wings as a high school student, joining the softball and lacrosse teams. She has taken a rigorous academic load filled with AP and honors courses, and away from school, she is working to achieve her Girl Scout Gold Award.

Bella views her dyslexia positively and wants to use her diagnosis to uplift others and help them be successful academically and in life. The personable high school junior is spreading Swift School’s mission – to prepare students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences to be successful in life – in her community.

“I plan to spread dyslexia awareness by sharing tips and tricks with students to help them academically. I also want to encourage parents and teachers to learn more about dyslexia and how to recognize the signs in kids. I hope to have more students set up for success by helping them get a proper diagnosis and learning accommodations.”

Down the road, Bella wants to become a lawyer. Swift School’s teachers help students learn to self-advocate and speak up for their needs, and that is one of the reasons Bella believes she will excel on the trial stand.

“Swift taught me to advocate for myself and respectfully state my point, which sets me up for a law career. I am ready for my future, and Swift played a part in that.”

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