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Georgia GOAL Tax Credit

Take part in one of the most successful tax credit scholarship programs in America. Seize the opportunity! Contribute to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program and make an impact – at no cost to you – by allowing deserving Georgia students to attend Swift School.

Individual Filer
Up to $2,500
Married Filing Separately
Up to $2,500
Married Filing Jointly
Up to $5,000
Pass Through Owner (Not making HB 149 election)
Up to $25,000
Owner of C-Corporation, Trust, or Pass-Through electing to pay tax at entity level (HB 149)
Up to 75% of annual GA income tax liability.
Business that pays insurance premium tax
Up to 75% of annual GA income tax liability. Credit shall not exceed $1,000,000.

Apply now for your 2025 tax credit by completing the form online at (it takes just 20 seconds). Payment is required 60 days after Department of Revenue approval, which will be mid to late March.

Your participation benefits excellent and deserving students.

How to Sign Up for GOAL