Here are a few questions often asked about giving to the Swift Fund. If you have more questions or would like further information, please contact Martha Moore.

What is annual giving?

The Swift Fund is the school’s top annual fundraising priority. All members of our community (parents, faculty/staff, trustees, alumni, grandparents, and friends) are asked to make an annual tax-deductible gift to Swift School. The portion of the school’s budget raised through the Swift Fund ensures our school has essential resources for faculty, facilities, financial aid, technology, and program support to provide an exceptional education to students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences.

I already pay tuition. Why am I asked to donate?

With tuition only covering approximately 86% of the true cost of educating a student, tuition alone is not enough to allow Swift to provide the educational experience families need and expect. A strong annual fund helps keep tuition at the lowest possible amount without compromising the quality of the educational programs, services and resources provided.

Why not increase tuition?

Annual fund donations are tax-deductible and tuition is not. Independent schools like Swift depend on donations to help cover the cost of educating each child. Donations are necessary as costs to operate the school and to attract and retain outstanding faculty/staff increase each year.

Why is annual giving so important? What does it fund?

Annual fund donations to the Swift Fund impact every student and reach every part of our community – from enriching academic programming to increasing professional development to enhancing technology – every teacher and every student benefit from the Swift Fund. Without annual gifts, Swift School would be a different place. Donations are used in and beyond the classrooms to provide valuable instructional materials, expand professional development opportunities for an already exceptional faculty, assure reliable security systems, allow deserving students better access to a Swift education, and provide compelling student presentations and parent programs throughout the year.

Who decides fundraising priorities?

Priorities are established by school leadership and key faculty and staff. Priorities are adjusted based upon the school’s most immediate needs and opportunities.

Why is 100% participation so important?

Parent participation, no matter the amount of the gift, is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our mission. High parent participation is also an indicator used by foundations and other outside funders when deciding which schools will receive their financial support.

How much should I give?

Our request is that you make Swift School a top philanthropic priority and that you contribute at a level that is meaningful for your family and your capabilities. Annual gifts range from $20 to $25,000 and every gift, no matter the amount, is greatly valued and appreciated.

Why are pledges requested by Dec. 31?

Receiving annual pledges by Dec. 31 is a deadline that allows the school to set priorities more accurately. The annual campaign runs from July 1 – June 30 each year. No matter when a pledge is made, all payments must be paid by June 30 to be counted in the current school year totals.