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Spartiate Awards

The Spartiates were the athletes of Sparta who were identified at a young age.

Spartiates were trained for battle and put through grueling challenges intended to craft them into fearless warriors.

In battle, they had the reputation of being the best soldiers in Greece, and the strength of Sparta’s forces led to Sparta becoming the dominant state in Greece at several points during the Hellenic period in history.

It is always Swift School's intention to give this award to a student who has met the criteria as listed below—as reward for their commitment and performance.

In order to be considered for this prestigious award a Swift Spartan will:

  • Have competed in a sport throughout the 3 seasons
  • Have attended at least 90% of all practices
  • Have successfully made a significant performance contribution to three sports
  • Be in Good academic standing
  • Be respected by their peers
  • Be respected by their coaches and teachers
  • Be a solid and good citizen within the community
Award Winners

2012 Ronin S., Molly B.

2013 Owen H., Maya B.

2014 Ethan K., Trevor M.

2015 Cooper K., Emma M.

2016 Shane H.

2017 Avery H., Collin M.

2018 Maheer M., Raffaella S.

2019 Reece D.

2020 Meredith C.

2021 N/A

2022 Lucas T.