The goal of music education at Swift is to learn music through experiencing music. Students learn critical musical concepts while singing, dancing, and playing. The program is designed to be stimulating, challenging, engaging and rewarding.

Learning Process

Lower Division

In the lower division, students participate in General Music in grades 1-3. Students in grades 4 and 5 participate in Choral Music.

Students in chorus perform songs that are drawn from a variety of musical genres such as Classical, Folk, Pop, Jazz, and Gospel. Fluency and proper vocal technique are in constant development but at a higher level of expectation in fourth and fiftth grades. Emphasis is placed on performance skills, concert etiquette, and citizenship. The fourth and fifth grade chorus will often be accompanied by the Orff ensemble.

Middle Division

In the middle division, all 6th grade students participate in an Orff instrument program using the Orff methodology.

The Orff Ensemble is a feature of the Swift Music Program offered in 6th grade. The focus of the Orff ensemble is to play technically challenging pieces using Orff Instruments and to be expressive musically. Student play pieces with multiple parts, perform using various musical forms, and compose and improvise parts to be played in performances.

General Music

Music literacy is one of the overall goals of the General Music Curriculum. This is done through the isolation of rhythm and pitch. Students learn rhythm through Orff rhythmic syllable words and pitch/notes through Solfege and Solfa Handsigns. Fluency along with the versatility of the Orff instruments combine to allow students to experience a high level of music making. Composition, improvisation, learning history and culture through folk songs are also part of the everyday curriculum.


All Swift students in grades 1-6 perform a Winter and Spring concert each year, showcasing both Choral Music Ensemble and Orff musical accompaniments. The lower Choral Music Ensembles also participate in the concerts and other special events.