Tuition & Tuition Assistance

Swift School is committed to admitting qualified applicants regardless of the family’s ability to pay full tuition.

Several tuition assistance options, including need-based tuition assistance, GOAL scholarship, and SB-10 Special Needs Scholarships are available to help families cover the cost of tuition. Aid is granted to families from a variety of financial backgrounds, including those who have a high level of demonstrated need and those who require only minimal assistance. 

Assistance is offered without regard to sex, race, color, nationality, religion, or ethnic origin. Financial information is held in strictest confidence. All forms of financial aid offered through Swift School are grants, not loans, therefore repayment of these funds is not required. Three payment plan options are available, allowing each family to choose a payment schedule that best suits their needs.

Apply for Tuition Assistance

Once you complete and submit all required documents to FACTS it will take up to ten business days to verify all documentation. The financial aid committee will send you the award decision letter through FACTS within five business days. 

Tuition for 2021-22

Because Swift School is a private school, we must charge tuition to cover our operating expenses. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Swift School education. Each year, generous donations to the school’s Annual Fund contribute significantly toward each student’s education.

Tuition Schedule

2021-22 Tuition
New applicants fee
Advance tuition payment
deducted from tuition, non-refundable
Lower Division tuition $32,555
Middle Division tuition $33,030
  1. Tuition includes lunch, activity, and Parent Association fees for Lower and Middle Division students.
    Books and extended trip fees are also included in Middle Division tuition.
  2. New students add $500, one-time matriculation fee.

Payment Options

Swift processes tuition fees and payments through FACTS. Swift currently offers three payment plans.

Tuition Plan Payment Schedule
Plan 1 (Discount) June 5th
Plan 2 (Semi)* June 5th & December 5th
Plan 3 (Nine month)* June 5th - February 5th (monthly)

*Additional administrative fees apply