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No matter how the world changes, what parents want for their children remains the same: to give them the best quality of life and prepare them to succeed as adults. That's Swift School's mission—to prepare students to be successful in life. Whether online or in person, Swift delivers the highest quality of instruction available for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences.

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To ensure students make sustained academic
progress, Swift provides:
Orton-Gillingham trained instructors for all classes. Swift employs the OG approach, not only in language acquisition, but in all subjects every day. Swift teachers understand how children with language-based learning differences learn best. Whether teaching reading and writing, math, science, social studies, the arts or PE, teachers use OG and other instructional approaches tailored to the learning styles of dyslexic learners.

Small class sizes. All 1st through 4th grade classes have at least one instructor for every six students. Fifth grade classes and Middle Division classes have one teacher for every eight to twelve students. Opportunities are available each week for students who need additional help to have one-on-one time with their teachers, whether classes are being conducted in person or online. Dyslexic learners expend more energy during the school day than other students. For them, this individualized attention is critical to their success.


Learning teams to monitor each student's progress. All teachers who work with a student discuss his or her progress on a regular basis. Teachers collaborate in a unified effort to create the best learning environment for each student.


Best-in-class technical support. Swift school's technology and assessment staff work tirelessly to provide access to the best assistive technologies and create supportive environments for online learning. Swift's faculty participate in ongoing training to ensure they are armed with the best techniques and strategies for distance learning.


Social-emotional and speech language support. Swift's professional counselor meets with students one-on-one and speech language pathologists meet with students in small groups as necessary to provide each student with the support he or she needs to succeed in school and in life. Sessions are provided via secure online meetings during remote learning periods when in person meetings cannot occur.


Continuity. When remote learning is necessary, Swift's OG-trained faculty use their specialized expertise and team-based approach to support students in ways other schools cannot. Whether learning in school or at home, students with language-based learning differences are best served by a school with an integrated, immersive approach tailored to their learning styles.


No one knows for sure what the 2020-21 school year will look like, but Swift School is prepared for whatever it brings. Swift can provide instruction in person or remotely or move back and forth between the two modes as public health needs dictate. Parents want the best education for their children and so does Swift. Swift can ensure high quality instruction tailored to the needs of students with language-based learning differences in any learning environment. Swift prepares students to be successful in life—whatever life throws at them.


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Swift School is committed to admitting qualified applicants regardless of the family’s ability to pay full tuition:

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