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Swift School
Success with dyslexia starts here

Invest In Your Child's Future

An education specifically tailored to students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences is an invaluable investment in your child’s future.

Swift School understands that investing in your child’s future is a significant commitment. We are committed to working with families through tuition assistance programs to ensure accessibility for all who qualify.

Swift School offers payment plans for all families, and SB -10 funds (Georgia Special Needs Scholarship, GSNS) from the state of Georgia provide another avenue of affordability. Each year, Swift School awards over $300,000 in need-based tuition assistance from the school’s financial aid funds and Georgia GOAL.

Tuition Assistance

SB-10 Scholarship

Georgia Department of Education SB-10 Special Needs Scholarships are available to help families cover the cost of tuition for the student who has a current Individualized Educational Plan, IEP.


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Tuition Assistance


To apply, sign into FACTS and click "Grant and Aid." Once completed, it will take up to ten business days for FACTS to verify all documentation. The financial aid committee will send you a decision letter via FACTS within five business days of the committee review meeting.

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Financial information is held in strictest confidence. All forms of financial aid offered through Swift School are grants, not loans, therefore repayment of these funds is not required. All financial aid decisions are based on need and determined with assistance of FACTS, a confidential and independent financial assessment service.

2024-2025 Tuition

A $3,000 deposit is required to secure a seat. The deposit is reflected in the cost listed below. 

Grade Amount 
K-2 $36,950
3-4 $38,800
5-8 $39,400