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Swift School
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Technology: Middle Division

In Middle Division, students participate in a bring-your-own Chromebook program. Students expand technology skills and take increased ownership of their learning. They develop a “digital toolkit” to be utilized in a variety of contexts.

Swift students learn proficient use of digital resources including:

  • Creativity and productivity tools
  • Assistive technology
  • Applications to support executive skills
  • Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math (STEAM) tools

Chromebooks are ideally suited for the use of Google Apps for Education, a suite of programs designed for productivity and collaboration. Parents, students, and teachers alike make a compelling argument for the use of a uniform device to facilitate content delivery and assignment management.

Student-owned devices are optimal for:

  • Providing seamless access to schoolwork between school and home environments
  • Promoting independence and accountability
  • Increasing awareness of individual learning needs and preferences
  • Preparing for life beyond Swift