With the launch of North Star, Swift's new strategic plan, Swift School emerges as the exemplary model for dyslexic education. A Phase One initiative calls for the development of a Technology Plan in 2014-15 for implementation over the next three years.

  • Presents vast opportunities for all stakeholders as Swift embraces the paradigm shift to a holistic model which celebrates the strengths of the dyslexic brain type.
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration within Swift and with the greater community. It plays a pivotal role in accessing information, exercising critical thinking, and exploring innovation.
  • Offers solutions which empower our students to be self-reliant life-time learners.

The goal of this initiative is the successful integration of technology with quality educational programming, providing a transformative experience for Swift students

1:1 Program

Student-owned devices are optimal for
  • Seamless movement of school work between school and home environments
  • Promoting independence and accountability
  • Increasing awareness of individual needs/styles
  • Preparing for life beyond Swift

Chromebooks are ideally suited for the use of Google Apps for Education, a suite of programs designed for productivity and collaboration. Parents, students and teachers alike made a compelling argument for the use of a uniform device to facilitate content delivery and assignment management.

Lower Division

Technology-infused instruction is advancing at Swift
  • iPads presented to first to third grade classrooms (2015-16)
  • Introduction of Chromebooks to fourth graders (2015-16)
  • Fifth grade Bring Your Own Chromebook initiative (2016-17)

Especially for our younger students, technology access serves to:

  • Foster oral expression and listening comprehension
  • Sculpt emerging reading and writing skills
  • Cultivate non-verbal strengths
  • Facilitate the quest for knowledge / exploration

In fourth and fifth grades, students expand technology skills and take increased ownership of their learning. They develop a “digital toolkit” to be utilized in a variety of contexts. During these transition years (or intermediate years), technology offers:

  • Multisensory input for heightened engagement
  • Creative options for publishing and presenting
  • Access to information on a range of interest and ability levels
  • Problem solving opportunities

Middle Division

1:1 computing for students in grades five and up has set Swift apart since 2010.

Parents, students and teachers applauded the Middle Division launch of the Bring Your Own Chromebook in 2015-16.

Swift students learn proficient use of digital resources including:

  • Assistive technology
  • Creativity and productivity tools
  • Applications to support executive skills
  • Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math (STEAM) opportunities