The Swift School Physical Education program is modeled to develop physically educated students with emphasis on regular participation and the practice of good sportsmanship skills.

The program offers an environment and activities for students to increase skill development individually (one on one) and within groups that are physically wholesome, mentally stimulating, and socially sound.

For our team sports participation, we have a no-cut policy meaning any student who has a desire to play on a team is allowed to do so and encouraged to fully engage in all team activities.

With these priorities in mind we hope to instill a student’s motivation to participate in physical activities for their lifetime fitness and social benefits.


The goals of Swift’s Physical Education program will be based on the National Association for Sports and Physical Education Standards. The goals have been divided into seven areas that the association feels that are necessary for a quality physical education program.

  • Motor Skills
  • Learning Concepts
  • Active Lifestyles Outside of the Classroom
  • Is Physically Fit
  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Diversity
  • Values Exercise

Variety and Frequency

Swift offers a variety of sports that include:
soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, handball, tennis and touch football.

Lower School – grades 1-5
2 one-hour PE sessions per week

Middle School – grades 6-8
2 one-hour PE sessions per week (or 3 per week for half-year)