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Swift School
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The foundation of the academic program is the Orton-Gillingham Approach, which provides guiding principles for instruction and emphasizes multisensory techniques that involve the auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic pathways. Although Swift School's intensive reading and language arts instruction is the foremost consideration, the subjects of math, social studies, and science are also taught using principles of the approach. OGA Fellows Natalie Felix and Jocelyn Gasaway are on staff at Swift. 


OG Coursework & Swift's Teachers

All Swift School teachers take part in the full OGA Associate Level Course, which includes 70+ hours of instruction. Upon completion of the Associate Course all Swift teachers complete a 50-hour Classroom Educator Practicum leading to the CE credential. The CE credential is at least 50 small group lessons, 5 observations, and a simple application to OGA.  It takes place over a minimum of eight months.

Many Swift teachers further their OG credentials by completing the Associate Level Practicum. This is considered Option B in OGA. The practicum is 100 hours, and Swift’s lower division teachers are required to complete this, but it is not a requirement middle division teachers. Teachers work with a 1:1 for a minimum of 50 lessons and have an additional 5 observations (to total 10) over a minimum of an eight-month period.  A portfolio submission is also required.  

Swift School currently has on staff:

2 - Orton-Gillingham Fellows (this is the highest credential level)

1 - Certified Level Teacher

1 - Enrolled in in certified practicum

6 - Associate Level Certified Teachers

8 - Enrolled in Associate Level Practicum

11 - Classroom Educator Certified Teachers


OG Principles