Learning Support

Swift School maintains a team of teachers, specialists, and administrators whose goal is to create the best learning environment for all Swift students and to ensure parents understand their children’s educational needs and progress. Upon admission, students are evaluated and then placed within a classroom cohort where instruction is provided with appropriate rigor and support.

Students are considered for support services based upon their learning profile, assessment data, classroom performance and progress. Areas of support include all academic subjects, expressive and receptive language, executive functioning, and social/emotional growth. Students may also be referred for outside therapies and support not provided at Swift.

Speech and language support is provided by our Speech Language Pathologists who work with students with identified language disorders both in and outside the classroom setting. Their work is focused on providing language skills training to help students be successful within their daily curriculum instruction. SLPs work with students in small groups to target areas of need which include, but are not limited to, receptive and expressive language, vocabulary development, word retrieval, usage and grammar.

For more information or questions about our Learning Support Department, please contact Lower Division Director Roni Battoglia.