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NEW! Kindergarten

Swift School's Kindergarten program will begin in the fall of 2023. 

Kindergarten is a special time in a student's life. It is the first formal learning experience, one that will last well into high school and even college. The first years are vital to a student's success. Are you feeling upset, confused, or worried about your child's language-based diagnosis? At Swift School, there is hope. Students don't have to wait to fail. Intervention starts on day one as our teachers help put students on paths to success in school and in life.

"Their intervention starts day one, right when they walk through the door," mentioned Lower School Division Director Roni Battoglia. "In public school, students have to show 12 weeks of failure and data collection in order to receive learning accommodations. At Swift, we intervene the day they step in the door."
When Mrs. Battoglia set academic goals for the incoming group of Kindergarteners, she understood the importance of socialization, play, and understanding of self.
"Starting to understand themselves as a learner is important," she said. "Developmentally, they're not going to understand their whole learning profile, but they will know that they learn differently and that's okay. They know it's okay to ask for help and how to self-advocate. That's the biggest thing."
The curriculum is geared towards the young learner with interactive lessons. The multi-sensory math approach allows students to learn numeracy with cubes, dots and fun games. Students will also have all the exploratory classes (art, music, drama, PE, and STEAM). Concluded Mrs. Battoglia with a laugh, "they'll be having so much fun it's tough to move on to the next subject."