The Swift Effect

When you give students the keys to unlock language, a transformation happens.


Swift is unique. We are a school designed to teach dyslexic students the way they learn. At Swift, our students learn effectively and efficiently because our program uses techniques and tools intuitive to their innate learning style. Dyslexic students are bright, creative and possess immense potential. But too often that potential is unrealized elsewhere. Many students arrive frustrated learners with low-self-esteem. Swift knows these struggles stem from a difference in language cognition, not a lack of intelligence or motivation.


An amazing transformation occurs after students start at Swift, we call it the Swift Effect. Within weeks, students who once disliked school are transformed. Students can't wait to come to school because at Swift they are understood and appreciated for who they are, how they learn, and their rich, untapped talents. Students whose self-esteem suffered, find confidence. Students who could not read, discover the keys to unlock language. School becomes a destination filled with a joy of learning. Parents who were once afraid, become filled with hope.


The Swift Effect is evident the minute you walk into a classroom. The positive vibe is palpable. Students are smiling, engaged and actively focused on achieving their newest challenge. The Swift Effect fuels the conversation of parents. Alumni success stories become evidence of remarkable achievement. Our promise at Swift is to give students the keys to unlock language, to encourage them to explore their strengths, to teach them to self-advocate for learning support, and to provide unwavering belief in their potential. These provide the emotional and educational foundation for our students to thrive in school and in life.