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The Swift Effect®



The Swift Effect®

When you give students the keys to unlock language, a transformation happens.



  A life-changing, transformative journey begins when students learn to trust, feel a sense of belonging, and discover who they are as learners. Students whose self-esteem suffered, find confidence. Students who struggled to read, discover the keys to unlock literacy. They learn to embrace their strengths and weaknesses and are empowered to confidently pursue their education.



Swift is an immersive learning environment designed to teach students with dyslexia. In every class and throughout the day, expert educators use evidence-based techniques tailored to individual learning profiles. Swift maximizes the potential and creativity of every student, which are often unrealized elsewhere.




The Swift Effect is evident the minute you walk through our doors; the positive vibe is palpable. Students are smiling, engaged, and actively focused on learning. Students develop friendships and experience a sense of community. They emerge with an unwavering belief in themselves and their abilities.


The Swift Effect® is not magic and yet it is magical.