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Strategic Direction

The North Star has been used to navigate travel through the ages. A fixed point that serves as a reference and guides us forward. In many ways, the North Star gave birth to the compass and our modern day navigation systems. Swift School’s North Star Strategic Plan is aptly named in this light.

Knowledge about dyslexia has increased dramatically. Neurological research tells us that dyslexia is a brain difference shared by 15-20% of the population in varying degrees. Within the context of this current research, we are guided by our mission to improve the educational experience and academic success of students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences. We do this by designing and delivering curriculum and programming that address both the learning challenges and brain strength characteristics of our school population.

The North Star Strategic Plan will guide Swift School forward through 2020.

The key elements of the plan include:

Our Unique Educational Position

Swift School understands and appreciates students with dyslexia. We teach students by supporting both their learning weaknesses and strengths. Typical weaknesses center in language acquisition – receptive and expressive language, written language and language elements. Skilled teachers using highly specialized instructional methods for reading and writing enable our students to effectively learn both.

Addressing the strengths of dyslexia in different areas of reasoning – spatial, narrative, essence, and insightful – strongly complements the remedial aspects of language acquisition. Ancillary programming rounds out offerings so that students experience a holistic education.

Our Commitment to Serve

A Swift School education is enduring. It is life-altering not only for a child but also for the family. Increasing a family’s accessibility to a Swift education is a key strategy of North Star. To date, resources to assist families with the cost of a Swift education have been vastly augmented. Providing community outreach programs designed to help parents gain greater appreciation for dyslexia is also an important part of Swift School’s growth as a leader in dyslexic education.

Our Continued Growth

North Star intends to increase educational programming and to serve greater numbers of students. We will offer both Swift faculty as well as teachers outside our campus opportunities for on-going professional development that are specific to dyslexia research and teaching methodologies. Space is required to accommodate additional students, teachers, and the community. Steps to provide additional facilities are a significant feature our strategic initiatives.

Our Desire to Collaborate

The education of dyslexic learners is specialized. Few schools provide educational programming that assures language acquisition for dyslexic learners. Swift will collaborate locally and nationally with other schools like Swift on thought leadership and best practice. We will also partner with local universities and colleges to improve teacher preparation programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Swift School is a training site for REAP (Reading is Essential for ALL People) and has trained nearly one hundred public school elementary teachers in reading and language methodologies. To facilitate Swift’s growing outreach into the community, a learning institute is planned for the future. The institute will provide education and training about dyslexia for teachers, specialists, professionals, and the general public.

Our Connected Community

Transformative is a word often associated with attending Swift School. North Star will support better communication with current and alumni families about Swift’s life-changing effect on children and families.

Swift’s growth since 2010 has been nothing less than astonishing. Since the school’s founding approximately 2,500 students have attended Swift. The common thread for all is the transformative nature of the educational experience. Swift is launching initiatives to remain connected with these former students and families. We see the success of a Swift education in the eyes of our alumni.