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Measured Results





Tracking progress is essential. Student assessments measure growth.



Regular Assessments

The goal of a Swift education is expansion and growth. Tracking progress is essential. At Swift our students are given assessments several times during the academic year to determine where they are, where they need to go and how they are evolving. Students are continually monitored to assess where progress is being made and where more support may be needed. Frequent communications and parents meetings are part of Swift’s process to reassure parents and illuminate pivotal points where teachers and parents can work closely to raise a child to their next level.

Igniting a love of learning

However, scores and testing only tell part of the story. A student’s enthusiasm for school and learning is also an important measure of success. A student who loses motivation to try in school is unlikely to ever succeed. Swift is intentionally focused on engaging students by encouraging independence and competency. When students love school, believe in their abilities, utilize support tools and learn self-advocacy, a brighter future emerges.