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Proud to Be Dyslexic: Evan's Story

“I am not afraid to tell people I have dyslexia, and I am proud of who I am.”

Evan, now a college freshman, is a confident individual who understands how to leverage his strengths because of the remediation he received at Swift School starting in first grade. From the time he stepped foot on campus, the transition to Swift provided Evan with a sense of belonging and newfound happiness. For four years, he received support from Swift’s caring faculty before outplacing, and today he is thriving thanks to the outstanding education he received at Swift School.

According to his mother, Debbie, Evan was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, and Apraxia of Speech as a preschooler. Despite his youth, Evan received early intervention at Swift School. “[When I came to Swift], I was happy, and I fit in with my classmates,”  Evan recalled about his early days at the school.

Evan felt a sense of belonging because everyone at Swift, from the youngest first-grade student to each eighth-grader nearing the end of middle school, has dyslexia. “I fit in, and everyone had the same learning struggles. I was no longer pulled out and separated from my friends,”  said Evan, “and I became more confident with myself each year.”

Throughout his tenure at Swift, Evan received instruction in a way that allowed him to retain information and understand the material. The most important skill he learned was how to advocate for his learning needs in a classroom setting. Evan explained, “I learned how to build relationships with my teachers and how to seek help.”  In addition to teaching him to self-advocate, Swift’s faculty helped Evan be proud of his dyslexia.”

Debbie also mentioned that Swift met Evan where he was academically and provided the appropriate support for his academic needs. “Swift allowed Evan to learn differently and to grow at his pace,”  she said.

Debbie also took a moment to reflect and offer advice to parents who are currently in the position her family was in many years ago. “Get to know the Swift families and build relationships,”  she said. “These families make an amazing support group.”

Evan graduated from a local faith-based private high school in May and will enroll at Ole Miss, where he will continue to use his dyslexic thinking to achieve his lofty goals. The former Swift student will be studying Southern Studies with a minor in construction engineering, intending to construct homes in the Southern United States.

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