Success After Swift

In nearly two decades, Swift has served over 2,500 students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences.

Each student's journey is unique, but each student's goal is always the same: to be successful in their next educational environment. Swift's focus on building a foundation of language skills, confidence, and self-advocacy prepares them to thrive in school and in life. Our stories of success after Swift illustrate how well our students are prepared for what lies ahead.

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"Swift gave me confidence to advocate for myself."

Swift School, 4th–6th
Etowah High, 2018
University of Wyoming, 2022


"Swift taught me how I learn best and how to apply that to my study habits."

Swift School, 4th–8th
Mount Paran, 2021


"When I started 3rd grade I couldn't read. That all changed after I attended Swift."

Swift School, 3rd–4th
Walton High, 2010
Kennesaw State, 2018


"Swift gave me the tools to help me succeed and be who I am today."

Swift School, 5th - 6th
Pope HS, 2012
Texas A&M, 2016


"Be thankful for the hard times for they have made you."

Swift School, 1st – 5th
Alpharetta HS, 2015
Johnson & Wales, 2019


"I learned to believe in myself."

Swift School, 2nd – 5th
Greater Atlanta Christian, 2014
Virginia Tech, 2018


"My life started the day I walked through the doors of Swift."

Swift School, 4th – 5th
St. Pius X, 2016
Purdue, 2020


"Swift was my home away from home."

Swift School, 5th – 6th
Lakeside HS, 2016
Auburn, 2020


"I gained the confidence to succeed at Swift."

Swift School, 4th – 8th
Weber School, 2018
Emory, 2022


"I loved going to school knowing that I would have a good day. Every day is a good day at Swift."

Swift School, 3rd - 6th
Blessed Trinity, 2019


"Swift wasn't just another school, it was another home."

Swift School, 7th – 8th
St. Francis, 2019


"At Swift, I not only learned life-long lessons, I gained life-long mentors and friends."

Swift School, 3rd – 6th
St. Francis, 2019


"Swift's teachers encouraged me to reach my full potential and prepared me for High School."

Swift School, 3rd – 8th
Mill Springs, 2016


"Swift put me on my path to success."

Swift School, 3rd – 6th
Alpharetta HS, 2017


"Swift was the key to unlocking my education."

Swift School, 4th – 8th
Brandon Hall, 2018
College of Charleston, 2022


"Swift believed in me. I gained the skills and confidence to succeed."

Swift School, 1st – 8th
William & Reed, 2020


"Swift School has blessed my life."

Swift School, 6th – 8th
St. Francis HS, 2020


"Swift made me more confident and helped me be successful."

Swift School, 3rd – 4th
St. Francis, 2023


"I gained confidence in my abilities and learned to be my own self-advocate."

Swift School, 4th – 5th
Centennial, 2018


"I came to Swift a struggling dyslexic and left an aspiring writer."

Swift School, 6th – 7th
Mount Pisgah, 2017


"Swift recognized and unleashed my unlimited potential."

Swift School, 3rd – 4th
Windward NYC, 2023