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Success After Swift

Each student's journey is unique, but each student's goal is always the same: to be successful in their next educational environment. Swift's focus on building a foundation of literacy skills, confidence, and self-advocacy prepares them to thrive in school and in life. Our stories of success after Swift illustrate how well our students are prepared for what lies ahead.

Nico B.

Nico made memories and left Swift School with a life-changing transformation.

"Swift gave me the confidence to talk to teachers, and self-advocacy has helped me in my new school. I love being in a large school now."

Ava B.

Hover below to read about Ava's transformation

“I had very low self-confidence because of my reading challenges. I was getting by at the minimum with most subjects, but Swift gave me a smaller learning environment tailored to my needs."

Katie E.

Katie learned the importance of self-advocacy at Swift School. Hover for the full story. 

“I still go back and visit Swift because of how important this school is and how big of an impact the teachers made in my life."

Katina I.

Katina, now a student at the University of Georgia, delivered a powerful speech to Swift School's students. 

"I loved the Swift School environment and my teachers who poured themselves into us. The teachers displayed patience and constantly shared uplifting words.”

Raffaella S.

Raffaella has encouraging words for parents and students alike. Hover to read her story. 

“The OG Approach helped me learn and understand things I struggled with. It’s ingrained in me now, and I do not even realize I am using it.”

Matthew R.

Matthew graduated from Swift School completed transformed and told a heartwarming story about his Swift experience

"At Swift, I got the tools I needed to succeed in an environment (high school) where the tools for success weren’t handed to me."

Sophie K.

Sophie left Swift prepared for life. She excelled in high school and the academic honors have continued at Ole Miss! Hover to read her story.

“Swift excelled my academic performance in all categories. I was able to grasp each topic taught, and I saw improvement in my grades and my motivation to do schoolwork.”

Aspen M.

Aspen was diagnosed with dyslexia before second grade and enrolled at Swift School. At Swift, she learned about dyslexia and received remediation.

Dyslexia is a neurological condition that affects how the brain processes symbols and sounds of letters.

William B.

William wrote a powerful story to dyslexia, which he calls "his goliath" 

"I never thought I would be saying this, but thank you, dyslexia. You made me work extremely hard and taught me how capable I am when I put my mind to achieving a goal."

Chloe C.

At Swift, school began to make sense to Chloe

"The teachers believed in me and told me I could do anything. They didn’t give up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself.”


Carly P.

Carly is proud that she thinks differently than "normal" students, and her Swift School education sticks with her today. 

"The entire Swift environment was always so accepting, and teachers always went out of their way to congratulate you on the small victories."

Jackson M.

Jackson's experience at Swift School was completely different from his previous educational experience. At Swift, he thrived. 

Self-advocacy is a phrase that is used daily at Swift. Jackson learned how to advocate for himself and developed leadership skills.

Caroline H.

Caroline learned to enjoy academics during her time at Swift School.

"Anything you do will be a journey, but show life/school/anything you aren’t going to go down without a fight and you will likely succeed.” 

The Susca Family

A family history of dyslexia led Sam Susca to have her children tested. When medical professionals confirmed the diagnosis, she immediately called Swift School.

"OG [The Orton Gillingham Approach] immediately broke down and identified Daniel and Reagan's phonetic struggles."

Jake K.

Jake has always been a driven individual. At Swift School, he sets goals and achieved them thanks to Swift's Orton-Gillingham trained faculty. 

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