A Holistic Approach

Individual language needs are addressed within a rich academic program that nurtures strengths.

Whole student

Swift’s holistic education for dyslexic students was developed with intention and purpose to grow the whole student and the whole brain. Our systematic approach addresses the individual language needs of our students within a rich and stimulating academic program that identifies and nurtures strengths. Swift utilizes research-based, results-driven teaching methodologies such as Orton- Gillingham. Our welcoming environment of small, relaxed classrooms with caring teachers enables idea-sharing, camaraderie, and peer-peer support that teach life lessons not found in textbooks or technology.

Intensive and Immersive

A holistic approach means the whole school experience is designed so that language skills development is intensive and immersive. It is not a patchwork solution, language support and learning is continuous through the entire school day. Skills training begins each day the moment a student exits the carpool line to shake hands with and say good morning to our Head of School.

Building connections

A holistic approach means seeing Swift students as wonderfully complex. They represent not just the characteristics of a single star, they are magnificent constellations. Our constellation graphic symbolizes that we don't just see our students as dyslexic, that is only one part of what makes them whole. Each student possess a constellation of unique qualities. It requires a steady, gifted hand to reveal their brilliance. Swift strives to help students discover these qualities and to build connections in learning and thinking. Swift students learn how to understand and appreciate their individual strengths and differences that create their complex whole.

Discovering Strengths

A holistic approach means our programming is designed to allow our students to explore a variety of areas such as art, music, drama, sports, science and technology. Focusing on not just what needs improvement but also on what students excel at is the lodestar of our program and holistic approach.