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Swift School
Success with dyslexia starts here

Welcome to Swift School!

Whether you are a family searching for help with your student who has struggled to read, or a teacher looking to join one of the most committed faculty teams in the country, welcome.

For many, Swift School is a lighthouse of hope in a sea of discouragement and confusion. There is an intangible wonderfulness created by the giving nature of our teachers that you sense when visiting with us. This talented faculty has chosen the more challenging teaching task, to unlock the elusive skills of fluid reading for those who have not been able to find the key. When an entire school is filled with that spirit, you find a phenomenon unique in education, a transformative experience that changes lives. Parents of our alumni have told us for more than two decades “You saved our child,” and “You saved our family.”

Steeped in the philosophy of Orton-Gillingham, our instruction involves a time-tested, multi-sensory approach for remediating dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. At Swift, you can be sure that your student will:

  • be embraced and celebrated for who he or she is,
  • benefit from programming steeped in leading-edge brain science,
  • be taught to their unique needs in small-group settings,
  • be shepherded by a supportive, encouraging community.

When our students’ time at Swift is done, they emerge knowing both themselves and their learning styles, each equipped with an invaluable confidence and the critical skill of self-advocacy.

As your journey has led you to us, we look forward to hearing your story. We are certain you will be convinced that a Swift education is an investment in the life of your child that will have a profound impact.

With all best wishes,

Chris Pomar
Head of School

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