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Swift School
Success with dyslexia starts here
A group of students pose with their hands raised
A student paints a mural outside
A group of students raise their hands around a table
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A third grade class poses with their class flag

success with dyslexia starts here

The Swift Effect® empowers students in kindergarten through eighth grade in a transformative, immersive, and positive environment.

Portrait of Success


Leverage Strengths

Swift students learn to utilize tools and strategies that enable them to reach their full potential.


Unlock Confidence

Swift students build a deep understanding and acceptance of their strengths and challenges, resulting in a steadfast belief in themselves.


Advocate Relentlessly

Swift students develop the resilience and determination to speak up for themselves and their learning needs.


Embrace Responsibility

Swift students exhibit empathy and model citizenship through their actions and words, becoming positive contributors to their communities. 


Celebrate Success

Swift students move forward empowered, prepared, and ready to thrive. 


“I saw an immediate transformation when I came to Swift School. My confidence increased. [My parents and] I knew I needed extra help. I struggled with my self-esteem and confidence, but the moment I started at Swift School, I started laughing more, gained confidence, went out of my turtle shell and made friends. I allowed myself to be happy. Swift is always the right choice. Swift will do wonders for you; it helped me in many ways.”

Raffaella S., Swift alumna 


“Swift School has created an atmosphere that has made me fall in love with teaching all over again. I say this because everyone I have come in contact with from the staff to the parents are 100% dedicated to the social and emotional growth of each student. The Swift staff also understands the importance of rebuilding the confidence of each student as an individual. Additionally, the affirmation and gratitude we receive from former students as they continue to excel is the greatest reward.”


Michael L., Middle Division Teacher

Mr. Lytle with a student


“Swift was able to teach Jackson (using the Orton-Gillingham Approach) in a way that he could learn and understand. This success gave him hope, a belief in himself and his ability to succeed, and self-confidence. Swift gave me amazing support as a parent. The teachers and faculty were always available to talk or meet and always communicated in regard to Jackson’s progress month after month and year after year!”

Judie J., parent of Jackson, a former Swift student


“I wanted to learn as much as I could about teaching students with dyslexia, and after taking the Orton-Gillingham Associate Level Course, I knew Swift School was where I wanted to be. The students are each gifted in different ways. They just need to be taught literacy in a structured way that makes sense to them. I love that my gift is being able to help them.”

Jessica C., Lower Division Teacher 

Jessica Cramer


“Before coming to Swift School, I had very low self-confidence because of my reading challenge. I was getting by at the minimum with most subjects, but Swift gave me a smaller learning environment tailored to my needs. Swift School gave me the tools to speak up for what helps me learn and understand my strengths and weaknesses. Knowing that I can self-advocate for myself in the classroom gave me a better understanding of how my brain works and the tools I need to succeed.”

Ava B., Class of 2021



Swift School’s mission is to prepare students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences to be successful in life.

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