Tutoring is offered year-round and open to all students. During the school year, tutors are available after the academic day. Swift's program provides a comfortable environment for students to build on academic skills. They receive one-to-one care and support from tutors who are Orton-Gillingham (OG) trained Swift teachers.

Tutoring sessions are designed to meet the individual needs of students in reading, writing, language, math, and study skills. Swift teachers may be placed on our tutoring list if they have met minimum requirements: teachers who have completed at least 30 hours of one-on-one tutoring in their practicum, have been observed two times by the OG Fellow while working with their practicum student, and who have been observed two times within their classroom teaching environment. Please complete our Tutoring Inquiry Form or contact Sandi Epstein, Director of Learning Support, at (678.205.4988) for further information.

Areas of study

Study Skills

Students learn compensation techniques, organizational strategies, skills for note taking and outlining information, time management awareness and other skills that support academic success.


The use of multi-sensory techniques for skill acquisition from addition to algebra, word problems and computation skills.

Reading Comprehension

Focuses on vocabulary development and usage, sequencing information, making inferences, conducting character analysis and reading for enjoyment.

Language Tutorial

Uses a multi-sensory approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling based on Orton-Gillingham approach.